Soulprint part 3

As I have done previously, once I finish a chapter in the book Soulprint, I share some passages/quotes/ideas/thoughts out here in the blogosphere. If you are not familiar with the book Soulprint is written by Mark Batterson and it is about discovering who you are through Christ. And that “our uniqueness is a gift from God”. In two previous entries I have written about my journey on starting this book and other meaningful passages:

Here ya go, part three of Soulprint….


“Here’s the question: If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?” (all I can say is WHOA! What a question)

“What we think of as the goal isn’t really the goal. The goal is not accomplishing the dream God has given you. The dream is a secondary issues. The primary issue is who you become in the process. We fixate on what and when and where. God’s primary concern is always who. And He won’t get you where He wants you to go until you become who He wants you to be.”

“Sometimes you have to die to the dream God has given you so that God can resurrect the dream in its glorified form. And by glorified form, I simply mean pursuing the dream for God’s glory. When you stop living for selfish purposes, the pressure comes off. And that’s when your destiny comes into focus.”

“Our attempts to manufacture opportunities or impress people are the by-products of an unsanctified ego that wants to glorify self rather than die to self. And until we experience that death to self, we’ll never come to life in the truest and fullest sense of the word.” (ouch right?)

“If you’re playing the comparison game, the better others do, the worse you look, and the worse they do, the better you look.” (YES! Who doesn’t do this? Especially those of us with mental issues and low self-esteem. That is one reason why we take up disordered eating, or other destructive habits. Not only to cope but because we think if we do *insert habit* it helps us look better when we fail). One reason that fueled my ED. The smaller and more fit I was the better I looked and hopefully people saw that over my lack of ability at whatever I thought I was lacking at that present moment).

“You don’t really care about people until you don’t care what they think. Until you have been crucified to their opinions of you, you can’t really help them the way you should. You have to die to them. And while you’re at it, you might as well die to your agenda, your approval ratings, and you reputation.”

“An opportunity isn’t an opportunity if you have to compromise your integrity.”

“When we submit our lives to God’s authority by living with integrity, then we come under His umbrella of authority. And that umbrella of authority shelters us and provides us with a supernatural covering. It also takes all the pressure off us.”

“We waste far too much emotional energy allowing others to control us in unhealthy and unholy ways.” (sound familiar? This hits home to me way too hard).

“Don’t downgrade your integrity to the level of the people around you. Try to upgrade the people around you. If you refuse to compromise your integrity, you have a shot at earning the respect of the people you work with.”

“Pride is a by-product of insecurity. So the more insecure you are, the more monuments you need to build.”



  1. Powerful words! Starting to care for people instead of what they think – yes, exactly- it’s like one of my teachers used to say: you don’t have to like everyone – you have to love them.

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