Soulprint, Part 5: THE END

Finally, I have finished Soulprint. I believe it has taken me just as long to read it as it did to receive it. This book had a lot of strong, valuable, and pondering moments. I hope I can keep reflecting on it and use the words to help discover my own soulprint. If you have been blessed by just reading my entries on this book than maybe you need to pick up a copy. Now onto my next book….The Four Agreements.

*[David] reaches the end of his spiritual rope. None of us like reaching the end of our rope. It’s the scariest, weakest, and loneliest place we can find ourselves. But sometimes we have to reach the end of our rope before we will reach out for God. And that’s when we discover a knot at the end of our rope. That knot is the mercy of God. And it’s the only thing that will stop a spiritual free fall.

*We try so hard to fix our own brokenness, but there are problems beyond our ability to solve, hurts beyond our ability to heal, and memories beyond our ability to forget. What do we do with those? How do we get out of the prison of past pain? How do we overcome the regrets that haunt us? The only way out is through allowing God to reconstruct our minds, our hearts, and our spirits. And that is God’s specialty.

*You are God’s palace God’s temple. And He wants to dwell in you. But that requires major renovation. And it often starts with demolition. God needs to tear down the facade so he can re-lay the foundation.

*It’s in our brokenness that God’s holiness is most clearly revealed.

*If you want to discover your soulprint, you’ve got to being and end with Scripture.

*He [God] want to resurrect your personality that has died at the hands of those who have hurt you. He wants to resurrect dreams that have died of dissappointment. He wants to resurrect relationships and give them a fresh start. He wants to give you and abundant life, both quantitative and qualitative.

*Your mistakes may define your past, but they don’t have to define your present. And they certainly don’t have to define your future. If you’re still breathing, it means that god isn’t finished with you yet. He is still chipping and chiseling. He is still remodeling you into His image. He is still setting the captive free and creating the unique masterpiece that is you.

 *The reason so many of us are strangers to ourselves is because we don’t sit before the Lord. If you want to discover your destiny, you’ve got to spend time in the presence of God. There is no alternative. There is no substitute. True self-discovery happens only in the presence of God. It’s only when you seek God that you will find yourself. And if you try to find yourself outside of a relationship with your Designer it will lead to a case of mistaken identity.

*The best form of worship is becoming the best version of who God has created you to be.

*Ultimately, your destiny is determined by your decisions. It’s your actions, and reactions, that define you. So don’t play the victim. Play the victor. After all, that is who you are in Christ.


“Your real, new self…will not come as long as your are looking for it. It will come when you are looking for him.”

C.S Lewis


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