Happy Yoga- Steve Ross


Yoga Teacher Training begins in August. I am super excited that finally after seven years of waiting, God has finally opened the doors and made it possible for me to begin my journey on becoming a RYT (registered yoga teacher) through Yoga Alliance. I knew from the time I was 18 that I was meant to be a yoga teacher. There is something about yoga that is mystical and transforming. It is freeing and peaceful. Yoga has the ability to open up doors mentally, physically, and spiritually. Yoga has also played a HUGE part in my recovery, which I hope to one day pay it forward by becoming a yoga therapist and helping those with ED’s or addictions via yoga and even dance-movement therapy. As part of the prepping process, I have to read books (just like I did for college and high school). I finally have started reading this process. I decided to start with the book Happy Yoga by Steve Ross. I liked the cover and it seemed like a good one to start with. In the book he goes over seven reasons why there is nothing to worry about and how yoga can help shape these worries into a new part of life. I really liked the first part of the book and I wanted to share it with everyone out there in the blog world. Here ya go…

*The depth of your awareness determines your potential for joy, freedom, and power.

*True yoga is meant to be lived.

*All human beings are yogis, whether they know it or not. A yogi seeks the ultimate fulfillment, and I’ve never met anyone who isn’t looking for fulfillment in one way or another.

*There’s nothing to worry about. You are whole, complete, perfect, beautiful, loving, blissful, and you know everything there is to know.

*A concept is a mental construct unverifiable in the moment by experience. It is a framework of thoughts and beliefs in the mind as opposed to an actual experience in awareness.

*Words can make a feeble attempt to capture the experience and describe it, but nothing matches the truth of being there. That’s the reality! Your experience is your experience-the pure, ultimate, untainted truth.

*But what the heart knows to be true, what you know deep in your bones, and what you have personally experienced will be closer to the truth than any dry, secondhand delusion.

*Concepts are in the mind. They are inferred and often useless and illusory. Experience is the real thing; it occurs in the present moment. Concepts are labels that keep us thinking about the world, thereby preventing us from experiencing the world as it is.

*The essence of yoga practice is learning to connect to the universe yourself…A true teacher will guide you toward experiencing your oneness with all that is.

*Approval comes from within. If you can’t approve of yourself, then all is lost. The whole world can be on your side, but if you’re not on your side, then what’s the point?

*Yoga at its best frees us from the prison of our concepts, relentless wanting, habits, and reactions, turning every experience, any circumstance, into bliss.

*Where you direct your attention, that you also direct your life force. So if you’re primarily aware of your thoughts, worry, or intellect (that’s most people), that’s where most of your energy will dwell. Accordingly, thought, worry, and intellectual pondering will be the predominant experience of your life. As you direct your attention into the body, not by thinking about the body, but by becoming aware of sensations in your toes, fingertips, stomach, heart, and so on, your life force will flow into these areas. Your experience becomes more sensual and complete. Your mind might seem extremely intelligent, but the mind alone is an incomplete life tool. The body has a deeper wisdom and intuition to offer. Experiencing your entire being benefits your physical health, deepens your sense of well-being, gives you more energy, and stimulates creativity.

*Your body has the potential to bring you big fun if you let it.


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